Gravity Project

Make DeFi Better pioneered the Gravity Project, the first of it's kind in the DeFi space.

What is Gravity Project?

The Gravity Project is essentially a rescue project. We want to help holders of projects that are in a downward spiral. We understand how difficult the market is and that once a project reaches a situation where it is at an all time low, is unable to get the volume/price required for the holders to make back their investment, it can feel like as a team member/dev you’re not sure where to take the project next.

Put simply, we’re able to offer a solution. In essence, we would absorb the project and liquidity/assets into the MDB ecosystem, giving the holders a chance to recoup some of their losses, by swapping their tokens for the equivalent $ value in MDB (subject to some due diligence).

As part of our commitment to Make DeFi Better - The Gravity Project aims to help those stuck in the undercurrent of a failing project, with $$$ lost in 'liquidity no mans land'.

We are actively anti ponzi and want to see no one have to lose as a result of DeFi, where at all possible. DeFi will become a better place, this is the future.

Potential Gravity Project Partners:

Please reach out to the team at MDB if you are interested in discussing your protocol for the Gravity Project. You can contact Alice on Discord (AliceCrypt0land) or Twitter (@AliceCrypt0land). Alternatively, you can raise a ticket in either Help Center or Partnerships ( We can get things moving straight away, and have already completed other projects successfully which we can use as a guidebook to move through it quickly and efficiently.

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