What is MDB?

MDB is an ecosystem within the DeFi space with one goal: Make DeFi Better, that launched on 29th April 2022.

Being seasoned investors, the team saw a gap in the DeFi market whereby investors were continually losing to ponzinomics, rug pulls and inflationary tokens with no revenue streams or use case. Thus, MDB was born, breaking the mold and paving the way into a new sustainable & responsible era of DeFi.

Despite launching 1 week before the Terra Luna crash of 2022, MDB has gone from strength to strength, not only surviving the bear market but indeed thriving. As we move towards our current Roadmap, we will see MDB evolve across 2023 & 2024 into an autonomous, decentralized project, truly ran by the people, for the people.

MDB is an original deflationary protocol, using revenue generated by the 'Trust Fund' to buy & burn supply, taking tokens out of circulation and thus ever-increasing the price floor of the token.

The main revenue streams for MDB are:

  • Yield generated by the Trust Fund

  • Synergy Solutions - a B2B Web3 offering

  • Foxify - to launch summer of 2023

  • Taxes on the token

Three different tokens exist within the ecosystem, MDB and MDB+ and Phoenix+.

What is MDB’s purpose?

Our commitment is to Make DeFi Better. We believe in sustainability, responsible DeFi and keeping things simple to ensure accessibility to all investors.

*disclaimer: MDB is not an investment and should not be treated as such. Returns should not be expected. Nothing in this whitepaper is financial advice and is for educational/informational purposes only.

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