What is MDB+?

MDB+ is fundamentally a stable token and farming mechanism blended into one.

MDB+ is 100% backed by BUSD and cannot depreciate, a small tax is paid on buys and sells (0.75% in and 0.25% out) which goes into the liquidity pool, ensuring an ever-growing backing, with tokens burned by the contract upon sale. This ensures the value of BUSD vs MDB+ tokens in circulation can only increase. The liquidity pool is 100% backed by BUSD which is audited by US Authorities.

How does MDB+ work?

When you buy MDB+ you pay 0.75% Purchase Tax, which goes directly into the LP (aside from 0.075% which is paid as a Royalty to XUSD).

When you sell MDB+, the contract will destroy your tokens and pay you the total value of your tokens sold less 0.25% Sell Tax.

A total of 1% tax is applied to move both in and out of MDB+. There is also a transfer tax of 0.75%.

As other holders buy or sell MDB+, the backing for the total number of MDB+ in circulation increases, increasing the value of the MDB+ you hold.

Can the price really never go down?

Mathematically, there will always be a greater value of BUSD in the liquidity pool than the value of MDB+ in circulation. The contract price will always increase, creating a compound effect as volume increases.

From time to time, you may see the price drop on PCS or CMC. There is the possibility of deviations for a short period, if there are large sells or buys, an arbitrage bot will correct this fairly quickly. The contract price as per BSCscan will always be accurate.

Where can I see the price?

During BETA you can see the price in the contract read function on

What are the benefits of MDB+?

MDB+ offers a safe place to keep your assets whilst seeing them grow, offering the benefits of both a stable asset and farming by just holding.

MDB+ is complementary to MDB - everybody uses stable tokens, offering a larger audience for the MDB ecosystem. The Trust Fund will also use MDB+ to hold a large proportion of funds and drive regular volume through the token. Volume = Growth.

How is it different to XUSD?

MDB+ has it’s own liquidity pool, ensuring that MDB+ volume can grow the token at the fastest rate possible - benefiting both holders and the protocol.

MDB+ benefits from large amounts of volume, the contract has a sell trigger for holdings over $50,000 - this ensures that a small number of wallets cannot become too great a share of the liquidity pool. Those who hold more than the $50,000 can buy back in with a smaller amount once the sell trigger has sold their holdings for BUSD.


MDB+ works best where volume is a high proportion of the liquidity pool.

Scenario 1:

  • Liquidity Pool = $1M

  • BUSD Daily Volume = $50,000 (50/50 Buys/Sells)

  • Taxes = $225 per day

  • Daily growth of LP = 0.0225% per day APY

  • Compounded = 8.558% APY

Scenario 2:

  • Liquidity Pool = $1M BUSD

  • Daily Volume = $200,000 (50/50 Buys/Sells)

  • Taxes = $900 per day

  • Daily growth of LP = 0.09% per day APY

  • Compounded = 38.86% APY

How to buy

MDB+ is available on Xenia & PancakeSwap or you are able to buy using the contract itself.

To buy: you can send BNB to the contract to get the equivalent in MDB+. To sell: send MDB+ to yourself to receive the equivalent in BUSD.

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