The Phoenix

Unlocking the Phoenix
The Phoenix is essentially the Trust Fund interest, like a phoenix rises from ashes our Trust Fund enables MDB to rise from any dips and create a new price floor.
The Phoenix (interest generated from the Trust Fund) will be used primarily in 3 ways:
1. To buy back and burn MDB (highest %)
2. To feed the Trust Fund to accelerate growth
3. To share with holders in the form of airdrops and other rewards
Our Phoenix Signal System will be used as an indicator for MDB holders:
  • Phoenix Unlocked - When the price is low we ‘unlock the phoenix’. When the Trust Fund is +20% of market cap, probability of buys are high, some or all interest accumulated during this period may be used.
  • Phoenix Ready - When the Trust Fund is 10-20% of MC, buys are less likely, but possible. The phoenix is awake and ready to rise if needed. Be ready, a buy may happen.
  • Phoenix Locked – A consolidation period when the Trust Fund is under 10% of MC, the probability of a buy is low, with interest fed back into the main Trust Fund.
Other mechanisms:
  • Mega Buys: There is always the possibility of a Mega Buy. A tactical, larger than average buy that is used to pump liquidity whilst taking tokens out of circulation at the same time. A Mega Buy will be no more than 5% of the Trust Fund value in a calendar month, executed strategically by the team, when it makes financial sense to do so.
  • Holder Rewards: Millionaire’s Club and MDB VIPs will have access to rewards, early access and more.
The above mechanisms will be intentionally difficult to predict, making it exciting and allowing the Phoenix to have the impact it needs.
The combination of Capital Synergy and the Phoenix Signal System creates a cyclical effect whereby everlasting growth is mathematically proven. With zero trading volume, the token value would still increase.