Trust Fund

What is the Trust Fund?

The Trust Fund is the driving force behind Capital Synergy. The Trust Fund is essentially a (large) sum of 'money' (cryptocurrency assets) that is invested strategically to generate interest.

That interest is then used to buy back the token, and also burn to create deflation.

This creates an increase in price for 2 reasons:

  1. Constant buy pressure

  2. Constant deflation

The Trust Fund will always generate interest and thus always have a positive price impact. The size at launch of the Trust Fund vs. Liquidity is a ratio of 5:1; meaning that the price impact it will have is substantial.

Clever tokenomics ensure that the Trust Fund always grows.

  • A portion of the interest generated goes into the Trust Fund to increase it’s value

  • Taxation on buys and sells also generate additional income for the Trust Fund

Heavy sell offs, or whales ‘dumping’, only feed the Trust Fund’s value, meaning that the Trust Fund to Liquidity ratio becomes even more favorable.

How will the Trust Fund be invested?

The Trust Fund is invested strategically to ensure both high interest and low risk. Our initial method will be 70/20/10 split across a balance of risk/reward. The investments need to be flexible to allow for us to gain as high a return as possible.

Investments include farming, DeFi products & vetted smaller tokens with significant ROI. Growth is expected to be significant, with our recent model demonstrating 19% growth in a single calendar month.

  • Low Risk – Farming and Algorithmic Tokens with minimal risk of depreciation, providing solid returns. (40%+APR)

  • Medium Risk – DeFi products with a slightly higher risk profile, but a significantly higher return. (80%+ APR)

  • High Risk – Blend of high interest Defi (early entry) that meet MDB audit standards, as well as smaller marketing lead investments.


MDB became a large contributor in Foxify in 2023. Foxify is the first of it's kind fully decentralized Options trading platform. You can find out more about Foxify here. As a large contributor Foxify, upon launch MDB will receive a share of all revenue generated by Foxify, which will be operating within a multi-trillon dollar market.

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