Phoenix+ is essentially a more aggressive, gamified version of MDB+, offering the chance for high rewards.
The idea is to take your profits before The Inferno automatically cashes you out. The Inferno is an event, where randomly selected holders of Phoenix+ will be cashed out (it is approximately 5% of holders a day). You can buy back in immediately if you wish, or set auto-rebuy on Xenia. There is a 48 hour grace period where you will not be cashed out after purchase (small incremental purchases do not count, e.g.: $1000 holdings purchasing $10 to avoid cashout, the $10 will not count for the grace period). Like MDB+, Phoenix+ APY is driven by volume, and thus The Inferno helps to push the APY of Phoenix+ up.
Taxes are 2% in and 2% out, with a further penalty of 1% if you are cashed out.
Maximum 5% loss risk (this is unlikely) but potential to earn 5-15% APY (estimated) per month if played right. You can be cashed out of your investment by The Inferno at any time, but the rewards for holding will be significant. If you sell, you receive BUSD, if you are cashed out by the Phoenix you will receive MDB+.
How to buy:
To buy: you can send BNB to the contract to get the equivalent in Phoenix+. To sell: send Phoenix+ to yourself to receive the equivalent in BUSD.
Phoenix+ is also available to purchase on Xenia.
Taxes: Buy = 2% Sell = 2% Transfer = 2%
Forced cashout via The Inferno pays in MDB+ (note the extra MDB+ tax)
Total tax in and out = 4%
If you are cashed out = 5%
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